Artist Statement

Nancy Monsman studied painting at the University of Arizona, where her major professor was the Southwest colorist Bruce McGrew. She has exhibited at Aix-en-Provence, France, and in numerous galleries throughout Arizona. Monsman writes about her work: “My oil landscapes are based on nature, but I do not attempt to duplicate reality. Rather, I strive for the abstraction of an imperfectly remembered scene. I favor heightened colors that appear imbedded in the canvas and create an inward glow. Light is for me the most important element in a landscape. The direct light shapes the image and the ambient light contributes the nuance.

“I always have an idea of my subject, but the painting evolves in its own direction as I work. Since I like the mess and uncertainty of paint, I avoid the available technology that both dazzles and saves time. All the countless brushstokes are my own. I keep a painting near my easel for a month or so and continuously fine tune. 

“Van Gogh wrote that ‘a painting should be constructed to endure.’ I use archival materials—the highest quality canvas and linen, Windsor and Newton oil paints—to create works of extreme permanence. They will continue to appear fresh after a hundred years.”  

A Friend’s Guide to Chamber Music

“A Friend’s Guide to Chamber Music’ is written for enthusiastic listeners and performers of chamber music as well as new listeners exploring this unique form. In non-technical language the Guide surveys 175 works for three or more instruments written by 35 composers, ordered chronologically so that influences and developments can be discerned.
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